Show Poem: The Time Is Now / 7-20-14 / KC, MO @ Holy Cow

Photo by Roshelle Hudson

Photo by Roshelle Hudson

Holy cow! The time is now.
Throw in the towel.
Act like an owl.
Who , who, who is to blame
For, for, for all your pain

Your Mama?
Your Father?
The weather?
Your liver?
Your lover?
That cold winter night  when he stole all the covers?

Buy something to make it better.
Buy a record.  Buy a sweater.
Buy a book or buy some shoes.
Buy your way out of these blues.

Buy a cookie. Buy a hat.
Buy a picture of a cat.
Buy it used. Buy it cheap.
Buy a necklace buy a sheep.
Buy something to give.
Buy something to keep.

You know what they say.
You can’t take it with you.
They’re not going to bury you with your dough.
So why not make use of it before you go?

So spread it around.
Grease a couple palms.
See what grows.
Drop a little something in an artist’s collection plate.

Buy a cookie. Buy a hat.
Buy a picture of a bat.
Buy it used. Buy it cheap.
Buy a necklace. Buy a jeep.
Buy something to give.
Buy something to keep.

And if you don’t have the cash
Don’t sweat it.
Just listen to the music.
And don’t regret it.

Fuzzy Math from Broken Teeth

Here’s the latest Youtube teaser for the song Fuzzy Math on our up and coming hom-fi release: Broken Teeth.  Click Here to read Matt’s post about the concept behind the album.  You can also check out the song: Sidesaddle from Broken Teeth.

Fri. July 18 – KC, MO @ recordBar w/ Honey Bears (Heidi Lynne Gluck) + Rory Cameron (of The Conquerors)

An eclectic night of music at KC’s best local venue, including Rory Cameron from local KC legends The Conquerers. Plus Honey Bears fronted by Heidi Lynne Gluck who has played w/ Juliana Hatfield and The Josh Berwanger Band. FB Page

Show Poem: No One Needs To Know / 7-10-14 / Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge w/ Arc Flash + Ex Spector

No one needs to know what goes on before the show
No one needs to see the edits and
the spelling errors and the punctuation mistakes
No one needs to hear the screams.
No one needs to see the blood and the tears and the sad and broken dreams.
No one needs to see
The barn burnings and the faith healings.
The saddling of the horses.
The fevered pens & pencils scribbling away in their notebooks.
The frightened little fingers tap tap tapping at their sticky keyboards.
No one needs to know about the time and the money and the hours in front of the mirror. .
The countless count ends and false starts.
The criticisms and the restraint.
No one needs to know about the overdubbing and pitch shifting.
And the volume adjusting.
The stroking and the stretching.
The smoking and and the drinking.
The chewing and the farting.
No one needs to see all the fear and the hate .
No one needs to know what goes on before the show.

Thur. JUL 10: Arc Flash/Ex Specter(NOLA) Tape Release show featuring Schwervon!(KC) @ Replay Lounge / Lawrence, KS

Here’s a flyer Matt made for our show at Replay Lounge on Thursday, July 10th w/ Arch Flash and Ex Specter, who will be celebrating the release of a split cassette. We are honored that they have asked us to help them celebrate! (Did I just hear there’s gonna be an 80′s DJ on the back patio too?! Uhhhhhhhh huh!)