Sat. Sept. 20th “I HEART LOCL MUSIC NIGHT” @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence, KS) w/ Bruiser Queen + Drop A Grand


Schwervon! is playing with the the amazing Bruiser Queen from St. Louis, this Saturday, at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS. Also on the bill the masked rockiness of Drop A Grand. The fun starts at 10pm! All of this fun is brought to you by the best local music photo blog in town: I HEART LOCAL MUSIC!
See you there!
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Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club! 9/17/14 + the wedding of Kate Blackman & Sherman Breneman!

We are so honored to be performing at the Weirdo Wednesday Wedding of our good friends Kate and Sherman! This will be a Schwervon! acoustic set. Plus we’re dusting off a couple of old gems for this very special occasion.

Also performances by:

Microphone Jack!
Cher D Blame!
Annie Thrax!
Amy Farrand!

As always, there will be delicious food, Tarot readings and chair massage! Don’t forget about the dirt cheap drinks.
$5 gets you in the door.
See you Wednesday!


SATURDAY SEPT. 13 @ THE BRICK (KC, MO) w/ Josh Berwanger Band (The Anniversary) + Spencer Brown


Saturday, Sept. 13th Schwervon! is playing The Brick (1727 McGee St. KC, MO). The show starts at 9:30 pm.

1st – Spencer Brown
2nd – Schwervon!
3rd – The Josh Berwanger Band

Caterpillars…Friday August 29, 2014 Omaha, NE #SchwervonPoetry


photo by Sara Bertuldo

I’ve been tricked by flying caterpillars
 It’s a special kind of ugly.
 There is no make up for it.
 I’ve embraced it for most if my life.
 They lay their eggs in your garden.
Their children feed on you leafy greens.
It’s better when…
Of course I understand.
You’re just doing what comes natural.
But just because there is water does that mean something has to drink it?
 Life in a car is not totally unlike living in a mobile green house.
A green house that farts toxic gas into the atmosphere.
 Look the people that I love are all over the map.
Some of them are healing. Some of them are dying.
Some of them are healing others and some of them are dying eggs.
And some if them are dying t-shirts.
 And some are selling T-shirts
And some are selling eggs.
 Sometimes I over act
And sometimes I over react
But I never wanted to react over and over.
 I wanted to act. But then I realized that I couldn’t.
At least the way I wanted to.

Looking at a butterfly to show us how to get lost… #SchwervonPoetry #SchwervonLive

(Thanks for the video Brenton)

A butterfly doesn’t ask permission to open up her wings.
And a butterfly never loses it
until the very end.
There is alway something to discover there.
Here, we find something to lose.
If power is knowing where you’re going
Then arriving to your destination is getting lost again.

I’m not talking about abuse.
Abuse is stale.
It happens.
Abuse is a camera at a traffic light.

There is always a reward for forgiveness.
There are donuts in the morning.
There is light through a broken window.
Your children will love you if you love them and help them.
There will always be pain.
We do not fear pain.
We are learning every day, every second, and that is the best way to live.
That is the life.

I am a butterfly walking
And your words help me to get on.
I know these things that no one else can know.
I see these things that no one else can see.
It’s all a just tools for healing and helping
And healing
and helping some more.

Friday Aug. 22 (KC, MO) @ RecordBar