Show Poem: June 01, 2017 KC, MO @ Records With Merritt w/ Cat Tatt #poetry 

We walk away from ourselves
Kicking the air
We say we don’t care
Ignore the wagging fingers

But everything must pass through
The hole in your side

The cover on the table is worn
It is no longer exceptional
As it was once considered

There is a pain behind the knee
Like a group of children
Pulling from multiple angles

I can still hear birds in the rain
The drops are a million tiny snare drums

But the dog rests quietly at my feet
On the kitchen floor
She knows the rules
But she will bend them every time
For these moments

Show Poem: May 19, 2017 KC, MO @ The Brick w/ Andrew Ashby + Emaline Twist #poetry 

What we see in parts
2 for one quiche

The the advertisement is a poem
The poem is an advertisement

Concrete floors
Archive the history of construction
Walls unfinished yet open for business

The coffee cups are stiff
Wrapped in thicker brown paper

Will this place survive human time
Will it make its mark in the space

You can use a door for a table
Watch a girl appear
Right where another one was standing

We self fossilize for reasons.
They disappear like rain clouds
Chasing our tails in the dark
The sound of hooves on a blackboard

We learn on the dance floor
Leaning into the moments
Like cats in the sun patches.
Hot cats in the yard

The show started
The second you entered the room.

I hear bells
The food must be ready

I hear bells
The dog must be barking

Bells, bells for everyone
Ringing two times
For every human soul

Show Poem: March 18, 2017 Lawrence, KS @ Reply Lounge w/ The Cave Girls + Red Money #poetry 

Photo by Fally Afani

The walk sign is on to cross central
The arrows stab you
In the right direction

We find security in the tunnels
I walk them alone
With little wonder

The conservatives are not flipping
Time is not taking sides
Bags of M&M’s
Jars of Vaseline
Brownies and gluten free pasta
Nothing takes shape
We indulge to a formless mass

Whipping votes for canned lasagna
Pumping up the credits
With juice and cinnamon rolls
Regurgitating the one liners
We ride giant balls of sleaze
Back to Sysiphus
Sailing the seas of SPAM
That promise a longer thicker member

Sometimes we wade through Hell
For no apparent reason
And then it finds us
Like an arrow at the cross walk
Or a sleeping dog on an escalator

When exiting the building
Be aware the traffic runs both ways

Forget the melting clocks
The Iced cookies
The Teriyaki meatballs

We boldly handle
Boxes of discount rubber snakes
The Holy Ghost forgets
The human skeleton that
That poured the drink
The drink of drinks
Drink ye all of it
Every thing must drink
We hydrate to live
It is not a metaphor for blood