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Fall For A Pit II : M.O.S.H. Pit KC Fundraiser: Be/Non * Schwervon * Standby Anchors /September 28 @ Recordbar (KC,MO)

The next Schwervon! performance will be part of a benefit for the MOSH PIT, pit bull rescue service. MOSH PIT is a new assistance group that will help raise funds for rescue groups who have pit bulls and pit bull mixes in their care. MOSH stands for Money for Organizations Saving Helpless PITS!

Pic of the week

Custom made T-shirt at a seaside souvenir store in Cocoa Beach, Florida while visiting my sister, circa 2000.
When Nan and I first moved to Kansas we started going to an incredible weekly event called Weirdo Wednesday. There was dancing. There was music. There was food. There were weirdos. It happened every week! It was one of the only stable things in our lives. And then it stopped. Now it happens just 4 times a year. So, we are extremely honored and excited to be performing 2 x 20 minute sets at the Autumnal Equinox Edition of the 2013 Weirdo Wednesday, this Wednesday, September 18th @ Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club. Hosted by Amy Farrand.


Schwervon! Plays Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club! The Autunmal Equinox Edition