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Looking at a butterfly to show us how to get lost… #SchwervonPoetry #SchwervonLive

(Thanks for the video Brenton)

A butterfly doesn’t ask permission to open up her wings.
And a butterfly never loses it
until the very end.
There is alway something to discover there.
Here, we find something to lose.
If power is knowing where you’re going
Then arriving to your destination is getting lost again.

I’m not talking about abuse.
Abuse is stale.
It happens.
Abuse is a camera at a traffic light.

There is always a reward for forgiveness.
There are donuts in the morning.
There is light through a broken window.
Your children will love you if you love them and help them.
There will always be pain.
We do not fear pain.
We are learning every day, every second, and that is the best way to live.
That is the life.

I am a butterfly walking
And your words help me to get on.
I know these things that no one else can know.
I see these things that no one else can see.
It’s all a just tools for healing and helping
And healing
and helping some more.

Friday Aug. 22 (KC, MO) @ RecordBar

Onions and Peppers and Rock… Oh, my!

photos by Michelle Bacon

We had two very satisfying shows in Kansas City this weekend. Friday we shared a smashing bill with Not A Planet and Katy Guillen & The Girls. And Saturday we played the Screenland Armour’s: Arts & Crafts Festival.  Thanks to everyone who came out. We love you all very, very much.


And hey, check out this awesome haul of homegrown veggies our pal Ben, from KC Live Music Blog, brought us to our show on Friday at RecordBar. I think he’s got more where that came from (also heard talk of some homegrown kale and carrots lying around). If you’re like us and you love fresh veggies you should totally get in touch with him.  I’m sure he could strike up a some kind of deal with you.

Saturday August 23rd – Screenland Armour’s “Arts & Crafts Festival”

Saturday August 23rd we’re excited to be playing Screenland, Armour’s Arts and Crafts Festival in KC, MO. We’ll be joined by a slew of other amazing local bands including Deco Auto, Various Blond, Now Now Sleepyhead, & The American Life. The festival also includes over 100 craft beers, some local artists and some great independent films as well. Schwervon! is scheduled to hit the stage at 7pm!