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Unearthed and Caught on film…new videos

Amazing film maker and good friend Nate Gulick recently  uncovered a color version of the classic “Swamp Thing” video. This one was shot guerrilla style, in a single day (not counting hair and make up),  at our old stomping grounds Tucasa Studios (XO Mario) on the LES.

This one is from the El Lenador (our favorite Mexican food serving German Beer Hall) in St. Louis. This one doesn’t sound so great but we give it high marks for cinematography and casting.

Another rough one from the crowd at LIVfest in Wichita, KS.  Big place!

Schwervon! Summer Sun Tour 2012: Memphis, Springfield, Home

Our return to Memphis was a rocking good time though Friday the 13th bit me in the ass a bit this year. I managed to break a personal record of 3 strings during our set. Luckily, Nan brought the raps and the dance moves and the vibe barely skipped a beat. We shared the bill with Asheville, NC natives Albatross Party and local rockers Bombay Alleys. The vibe of the Buccaneer did us right (could be our new home in Memphis).  We crashed very comfortably that evening as well with Ryan from Bombay Alleys along with his fiancée Jenna and two cats (pictured below).
Mr. D

Chops (with new collar)

Our final show of the tour was in Springfield, MO at one of the coolest basements we’ve ever played called The Danger Room. Three locals shared the bill with us. The nights starter was a relentless stoner/screamo duo Chris Gnarly, nice guys. After that were “Danger Room” house pop rock band: The First Teenager Ever.  And after us was, our host Jason’s band, the wall of sound emostastic Flawless. It was a good old fashioned Saturday night Summer house party. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the tour.

Protected by Dragons (Liv's Farm)THANKS to everyone who came out and supported us!!!  It was quite a trip. This was our best US tour to date. We had a great time making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. We’ll be hitting the road in the states one more time before touring in Europe in the fall. We’re especially excited to announce that we’ll be opening forThe Vaselines again on August 30th in Brooklyn, NY at The Bell House. Stay tuned for more headlining shows around this date!

– Our next 2 local KC appearances will both be at the legendary: Davey’s Uptown:
July 25th we are a proud be taking part in one of our favorite regular KC institutions Weirdo Wednesdays.
August 18th we’re back at Davey’s with a very “Electric” bill including: Drew Black & The Dirty Electric and The Electric Lungs.


Schwervon! Summer Sun Tour 2012: Johnson City, Athens, Chattanooga

Nan raking in the Big Bucks! Also happy to report that the heat rash is officially in remission.  
Raking in the Big Bucks
We’re back in Memphis for our second to last show of the tour!!! Today we drove through 2 states that I’ve never been in: Alabama and Mississippi. Saw some of the most beautiful clouds of my entire life. They seemed to wrap all the way around us at times. Wish I got some pictures but not a good idea while driving. Last night was a fantastic show in Chattanooga at JJ’s Bohemia. We crashed with our new local band pals The Monocots and had a delicious French Toast casserole and maple caramelized bacon breakfast. It was pretty amazing!

The day before we played in Athens, GA with our old NYC pal Little Gold. Also sharing the bill was the super sweet local act Four Eyes. After the show we crashed with our Sound Engineer Extraordinaire friend Julie McLarnon, who we met through Frances McKee in 2011 while touring with The Vaselines in the UK. Julie owns and operates a studio in Manchester called Analogue Catalogue that is responsible for some amazing albums including both the last Jeffrey Lewis and Vaselines albums. It just so happens she and her husband Rob have a vacation home in Athens. They were cool enough to check out our show. The next morning we were introduced to their 3 kids: Juno, Kieran, and Frances. They are easily the cutest things, without four legs and fur, that I’ve seen in a very long time.

The night before Athens was a successful revisit to the Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City, TN. Despite the name of the venue much rocking was had and many beers consumed. Also a first: two separate dogs urinated on the vocal monitor during our show. Luckily no one was electrocuted.