Monthly Archives: October 2016

Show Poem: October 23, 2016 Kansas City, MO @ Prohibition Hall #poetry 

As we dance around the cauldron
Bobbing for brains
And sub plots to our
Dream inspired nightmares
And nightmare inspired dreams

We hi five the
Broomstick branches
Weed wack the highway light
Skipping past the nostalgic horror
Comedy cartoon documentary porn

Concocting midnight spells for
Healing the masses of discontent
Over stuffed sandwiches
Dripping with carbonated flowers

It is not our job to out the demons
But we can ask them questions
We can give them places to go
A bench at the buss stop
A cannery for their coal mines

Ode to the neck pillow
And the one in five children
To the arch that arches
Every day in in the shadows

10 bones at the pump
Respect the body
You are trying to deal
Respect the body
You are trying to feel

Show Poem: October 22, 2016 Lexington, KY @ Frigidkitty House #poetry 

Sprocket tongue wake up
It’s alway tease, tease, tease
And then it’s please, please, please
And sometimes it just bad cheese

Gassing up for the apocalypse
Saigon square
A horse with wings
All hail to the common market

Chasing balls in the backyard

Early morning haircut
Charlotte with the beautiful eyes

Aging men in bicycle shorts
Luggage on a Sunday morning

The trees take me somewhere
New and familiar
They grow out of rocks sometimes

Unable to refresh, I turn my head
And smell another flower

Advanced mountain driving
Waiting for the curve
My life and the 2.9 seconds
Crossing the Captain Paul Hardy Bridge

Innovation corrupting the sons
And daughters of maintenance

Good chicken and friendly owls
Electric mushrooms
Growing accustomed to our
Dependence on the kindness
Of strangers

Who’s life did I save
In another life to deserve this

“Blow on the coal of the heart
And we’ll see by and by”

Books on a shelf
With every wet nose a sort of
Home coming

Show Poem: October 21, 2016 Charlotte, NC @ The Station #poetry 

I wake up to the cat show
A paw to the face
Too fast for a picture
Blown out back lit
Feel good friends and
Sugar fogs for breakfast

I greet the golden soft serve
In transit
Slicing up the rain
Dangling our keys over
The watermelon
We cut through the forest
Like a needle full of Sweet tea

Overriding instincts
One nose pick at a time
Becoming badgers we
Savor the forest floor

Logs on the highway
Dancing in the bread isle
When In Rome eat Ramen
Cocaine clouds
Moustache handle bars
Hot sauce at the batting cages
Water back seat cushion

We drive dry and tend to dry drive
Only when friends are in town
Allow me my transgressions
And I will worship you for the entire visit

Whole Foods Leather grandma
Pulled pork and cake pops
Eating forks for dollars
Take the time to love
Every hair and folicle

But this is my play
And this my day
There are many like it
But this one is mine
I love each day
Like our last gig on the planet