Monthly Archives: September 2015

Show Poem… There’s always someone Who plays the player /Sept 21 /The Union KC,MO #poetry

My heart is a light beep.
Like Roudolph’s nose
Or ET.

There’s always someone
Who plays the player

The eyeball on the nipple
The mouth at the end of a cock

The cry at night

No one likes a random asshole
Unless you’re very sad inside

No one likes their cup looking
Back at them

I feel the back of this chair
I can feel my waistband
Digging into my skin

I feel the ice cubes melting
The noses running down the walls

I miss that energy
When a year felt like forever

If I could just eat my
Way to your heart
So many ships built
For an orgasm

Transferring liquid
From one vessel to the next

Sharing smiles like a
Magic fart
A sweet smelling gas
That reminds you
Of all the millions of beautiful
Things you have experienced
But couldn’t remember

Morning light
Chai lattes
Walking in deep mud
With good galoshes on
Stupid roommates
You don’t have to deal with anymore

Life is full of great shit
It’s rarely in a can

Show Poem… We peek through the cracks Of light /Sept 19 /Private Show KC,MO #poetry

Life is a move

Muscles cramp
Bones soften
We peek through the cracks
Of light

The stains on the ceiling
dirt on the sidewalk
Chasing the past
Running from the future

We join the pack
Our horns grow longer
Over time
And then one day
Fall off
Or get knocked off

Chew toys for dogs
And wolves
And occasional foxes

Ich finde dich schwer
Ich finde dich nett
Ich schwer von be griff

We never return Unscathed
We never leave home

Pillows full of magic
The strange energy
At airports

We celebrate our friendship
Powdered milk biscuits
The crowds over the ocean
We drift back and forth

We make it rain
We don’t need to choose sides
This is clear
Clear as night
Clear as the forest
After the rain.

Show Poem… Hello Yes It is you that I’m looking for (for Nan) /Sept 12 / Replay Lounge Lawrence, KS #poetry 

I am the dark and you are the light
The light of my life

Like a fine wine
Getting better with age
Or a not so fine wine
Sprucing up a pizza on a Tuesday night
Intoxicating me
In so any ways
You help me see things

My straight thoughts are crooked
My crooked thoughts
Are Twisted
Deeper and deeper
Sinking smiling teeth
Into a rich and fertile soil
As though the dirt
We’re made of chocolate

Pine cone sap on my finger tips
The smell of early Autumn
Stretching and softening
Devouring all things green

A fountain of youth
Forever discovering
Crawling on hands and knees
Like a sweet and happy baby

Silver pink sparkles
A passionate girl
But unmistakably
All woman

I’m so psyched to be
Chilling with you still
After so many years
Sometimes it feels
Like a blink of an eye

Jamming in context studios
On ave A

Flying across the world

You lost your shit and screamed at the doctors to give me antibiotics
When I almost passed out in line at the clinic for my ear infection

The road has not always been smooth

When the chips are down
You are the one that I want
By my side
Dancing in the dark

The wind beneath my wings
The feet beneath my words

It is you that I’m looking for