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Week #2,3: Mannheim, Regensburg, Gunzenhausen, Tobel, Zurich, Wetzler, Darmstadt, Cologne, Bremen

Wow! Blau in Mannheim was really great. Nice little crowd. Great vegan restaurant accross the street. What more could you ask. Cool pic here by our pal Tommy who put us on there last time.
Some interesting graffiti/public art in Mannheim.
IMG_2648Next stop Regensburg where we get to play the first of two shows in a row with the great Jenny Lund. Wonderful to share the stage with these guys and see Driver Klaus in action on the bass. Stay tuned for the new Nan and Drummer Lud Dub side project with the first single Fleisch For Fantasy. The next night we also played with Jenny Lund in the beautiful town of Gunzenhausen. We were hosted by Markus of the great band Sutcliff at his bar Caymen. We had some very special cocktails (or as they call them in Germany “Long Drinks.”) So tasty, wish we could have drank them longer.IMG_2659Next stop, the beautiful and mysterious city of Tobel, Switzeland. We played at the Komteuri (an old prison, now converted into an arts space and Pilgram guesthouse.) Stay tuned for a possible summer festival in 2012. Here we also had the best stage design ever thanks to our freinds Tom and Ursina.IMG_2672After Tobel it was off to Zurich where I had so much fun I forgot to take a picture. So, here’s a picture of the shy cat of Tobel.IMG_2678Then it was back to Germany, where we were reunited with our great friends Sigmar and Michaela. We also got to meet their very happy turtle: Charlene.IMG_2709Darmstadt, was next where it was wonderful to see our good friends Woog Riots and Alex and Torsten of Mine. We were back at the Oetinger Villa. The backstage ceiling there was very trippy so I had to take photo. It kind of reminded me, a little, of an Arshile Gorky painting. IMG_2721Our old friend Thomas in Cologne now owns a bar called the Hanging Garden. We played a free show there that was really great. Here’s a pic of Thomas, Matt and Andy (driver) sporting their special sexy looks.IMG_2723And last night it was back in Bremen at the wonderful Spedition.Here’s our morning after shot.  IMG_2726And on that note we’ll leave you with this pic of Nan about to attack a large block of Gouda cheese. IMG_2730Thanks to everyone who has come out to see us. It’s been great. Looking forward to see you Oldenburg, Hannover, Hamburg, Nantes, Paris and UK!!!
XO, Nan and Matt.

Week # 1 of European Tour: Berlin, Dresden, Krakow, Vienna, Munich, Nuremburg

Finally, got a little time to do some recaping for the first week of the tour. The flight to Berlin was fairly painless. I watched Rock of Ages and Men In Black 3 on the plane.  We got to our friend Sibi’s place in Berlin, early so we had a snack and crashed for a few hours. Then we had special treat.  A lot of our NYC family just so happend to be visiting  or staying in Berlin. Sibsi helped organize a little hang out in a really cool park that served pizza with vegetables that were grown in the park. There was also a small library and some a small stage. After lunch, we tried to play basketball but the court was locked so just had a couple of beers down by the river.  A lot of talent in this picture.
The Berlin show ended early, which was cool with us, so we got to sleep off a little more of our jet lag and have a nice breakfast around the corner.
IMG_2558Then it was off to our old stomping grounds in Dresden. We played with a really cool band called Poor Little Rich Girl. We also had a special treat when our old friends Colin and Sabine did some songs from their old band Vermont, who were the first band we ever played in Dresden with. The band apartment where we stayed in Dresden was like sleeping in a David Lynch film.
IMG_2560After Dresden was our first show ever in Poland in the City of Krakow. Krakow is a beautiful city with many nice people. Unfortunately, only about 4 of them decided to come to our show. But Cyprian, the promoter was a really cool guy and we had some delicious vegetarian food. We’d heard that Poland can be tricky for getting gear stolen and this backstage door didn’t do much to dispel that fear. But it was cool we managed a graceful exit with pride and gear in tact.
IMG_2566It rained for nearly the entire drive from Krakow to Vienna. At one point the highway just ended. Our GPS wasn’t working in Poland and not many people were speaking English so we got a little lost for a while. But, luckily Klaus our friend and driver got us to the gig with time for a quick schnitzel before the show. This is Klaus and yes, ladies, he’s single!!!
IMG_2571Vienna really made up for the light crowd in Krakow. Both openers, Ash My Love and The Happy Kids, were very cool duos as well. Our batteries were thoroughly charged. Thanks Vienna! Also nice to see our friends Steffko and Philip.
The next night was in Munich where we played the first of three shows with one of Klaus’s bands Jenny Lund. Klaus is a very good bass player. The show was at bar to help celebrate the birthday for our friend Laury, who we met the last time we were in Munich. We had just missed Octoberfest, which I am told by the locals is a good thing. But the next morning we went to a real traditional german restaurant had Weisswurst and wheat beer for breakfast.
IMG_2596Next we had our first day off in Regensburg, the home of Klaus (and the birth place of The Pope). Klaus made some zucchini soup and fish. It was kick ass. The next day we spent some time with his freind’s dog Pauli. This is Pauli after a nice long run by the river. I also saw this weird old tank that reminded me of an alien there.
IMG_2582Last night was Nurnberg. We opened for the legendary Wedding Present.  They really kicked ass. It was inspiring for both of us. We danced like we were kids again. The vodka shots from our friend Stefan helped. Here’s some of the better snaps I got of The Wedding Present’s live show.
Wedding Present
IMG_2629We’re still sort of getting our road legs but it’s been great so far. Tonight, we are in Mannheim and then 2 more shows with Jenny Lund.
XO,Nan & Matt