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٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶ⒽⓤⒼ♥♡̷♡̷ Schwervon!

A couple nice shots courtesy of our support act in Hamburg: Honeyheads


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Mostly Germany Tour (Week 3)

UntitledAfter a day in Darmstadt we were off in running into the final leg of the tour. Eleven more shows in eleven days. The first stop was a beautiful seaside town in Beglium called Ostend.
UntitledThe next day we took a little scenic trip to the town of Bruges before playing our first of 2 shows in Gent. Begium is the country of Frites, Chocolate and Waffes. Of course we had to take advantage of that.
UntitledUntitledUntitledThey had a few other things in Belgium too!UntitledUntitledNext it was back to Germany for 3 shows in Germany: Cologne, Kassel and Oldenburg. Good to see some old friends and down and few Kölsch.UntitledUntitled
UntitledThen it was back to Gent again for an amazing experience at Kraakpand at Handelsbeurs.
UntitledUntitledOne more show in Berlin tonight! I’ll post one more blog about the last week in a few days. For now: Click here to see more pics.

Mostly Germany Tour Update 2013 (week 2)

UntitledAfter Regensburg we had a great show in Munich at Sudstadt. It was kind of like a homecoming for us because we played there last year with Jenny Lund and this time it was just Jan solo from Jenny Lund. We said goodbye to Bavaria and it was off to Vienna. In Vienna we stayed with our old friend Steffko. UntitledWe went to a good Vietnamese food place but we passed on the crispy Darm.
UntitledWhat we didn’t pass on was the late night cheesy dog, which seems to be some kind of specialty in Vienna. Yummy! Ouch! UntitledThe next night was a show in Martigny, Switzerland. A beautiful mountain town where we reunited with a great band called Monoski. About 5 years a go we played a show with them in Brooklyn. It was great to play with them again after all these years.UntitledUntitledUntitledNext we were back in Komteri, Tobel. Kind of dreamland for us. We played a great show in the old prison and had a nice day walking around and looking at the beautiful countryside.UntitledUntitledThis is Kim the daughter of our friends Tom and Alice in Tobel.
UntitledUntitledNext stop Zurich! We played Bosch Bar again! And got to see our friends Caro and Ursina. Word on the street is that the door artwork was done by our pal Toby Goodshank!
UntitledUntitled Karsten having some private time on the roof in Zurich.
UntitledTexas sized Croissont!Untitled The next show was our only show in France in a town called Strasbourg. They made this amazing poster.Untitled Everyone was so nice. It made us think that maybe we need to play more shows in France next time.UntitledThe next show was our return to Wetzlar at the Franzis. They have a nice big mirror in the back stage there so we could get pretty before the show!UntitledWhat’s not to love about German breakfast.UntitledAfter breakfast we took a nice long walk with our friend Sigmar and Samson the Wolf Hound of Wetzlar. Untitled The last 2 nights we played in Offenbach and Darmstadt with our friend Alex’s band Mine.
UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledThanks to everyone who keeps coming out to the shows. This week, after several years, we are back in Belgium for 3 shows as well as more shows in Western Germany!
UntitledUntitledClick here to see even more pics from the tour!