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Schwervon!- Fuzzy Math-miniBar-KCMO-8-22-15

The 2nd Kansas City “Olive Juice Music” night was a rousing success. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed your love. We felt it deep inside our little bouncing rubber ball souls.  And I know our Indianapolis pals Mr. Clit and The Pink Cigarettes really appreciated the nice turn out for their first ever KC show as well (because they told me so).  Also big THANKS to Wick Trick + The Suicide Robins for rounding out the local portion for the program. Nobody does it better!!!

Show Poem…Fiery chicken fries are back / Aug. 22 / miniBar KC, MO #poetry 

photo by Jenn Schnabel

I want you to want me
To show you to show me
The way
In and out
Of the world
Of infinite gratitude

You supply the night baby
I’ll supply the love.
Dog on a leash
Looking backwards

Flap jacks and bean bags
Roadside biscuit
Show me your butter
Show me your honey
Show me your gravy

Riding through a water fall
Of gravy
High fiving
Our way to the top

Swimming through hot grease
Cooking with a fire extinguisher

The earth provides
Bottomless anxiety
And endless free depression sticks
Fear changes nothing
Fiery chicken fries are back

Lifetime supply of pizza
Breakfast burgers
3 way pancakes
Nothing compares to you

This block of cheese feels like
A block of marble
I can almost taste it.
Like licking a rock
Making love to a rock.
A beautiful salty smooth rock.

Video for “Muscle Of Your Heart”

Check out this great new video that our friend Damian Weber  made for our recording of the classic Purple Organ song Muscle of Your Heart.

Also we’ve put together a great local show tonight at minBar, in KC, for our pals Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes from Indianapolis. We’ll be playing as well as  local lovelies Suicide Robins and Between Band Boylesque by Wick Trick! Come work those butt muscles with us.