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Next Show: Thursday November 5th / KC, MO / Harling’s Upstairs “Unplug” Show

Show Poem… You define human strength / Oct. 17 Witch Bitch / miniBar/ KC, MO #Poetry


photo by Jason Buice

What a difference
A beautiful lampshade makes
An old feather duster
Drop of oil in a hot pan

A slave to your bodies
Unique tools

The last wishes
Of dying men

You define human strength
A mother of nature
Child to the future

There are riches never dreamed of
Gold in places long forgotten

Hair in the wind
We face it holding hands
Hairy hands holding the wind

The dick bone
of a dead white whale
Stirring the pot

The mead of green vegetables
The red broth stews inside
Like lava underground

From this pot
We will feed many

Next Show: OCT 17 / KC, MO “Riot Grrrl Witch Bitch” w/ BLONDIE BRUNETTI + WICK & THE TRICKS + BABE HAMMER + KILLUS