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Thur. July 3 @ recordBar w/ Wussy (Cincinnati) + Admiral Of the Red

Springing forth from the hinterlands of Cincinnati, OH are Wussy, an American five-piece fronted by songwriters Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker and backed by Mark Messerly, Joe Klug and John Erhardt. Bridging the gap between The Band and Sonic Youth, Wussy continue in the tradition of bands with multiple writers and singers. Cleaver and Walker offer radically different perspectives, both lyrically and vocally, that blend in seamless fashion – usually blanketed inside layers of noise. The band typically plays loud rock and roll heavily influenced by late 60′s pop and psychedelica, as well as seminal 70′s songwriters from John Cale to John Prine.

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Sidesaddle from Broken Teeth

Here’s a little taste from our up and coming Broken Teeth homfi recording project coming soon on Haymaker Records. Click here for details.

Show Poem: Anger Is Not Love / 6-12-14 / KC, MO @ Davey’s Uptown w/ Folkicide + Estocar

Stupidity is not rebellion
Listening is not losing the fight
I know you’re scared
I know you need something to believe
I know you feel alone
It’s frightening
Fear leads to anger
Anger feels like passion
I know
Feels like living
Feels like power
Almost feels like love
But it’s not
Love is not anger
Anger is not love
I learned this from my lover
I learned this from my mother
I learned this from a dog and a sheep and a Grover
Turn the radio on
Turn the radio off
It doesn’t really matter
Stop hating the radio.
Stop driving it around.
Stop letting it drive you.