Monthly Archives: May 2015

Show Poem: I’m taking A vacation from knowledge…Sat. May 25 / KC, MO / The Brick #Schwervonpoetry

I’m taking
A vacation from knowledge
I’m laughing at my own jokes
Sleeping by the fire
Dropping the bear bags
And napping before the show

Ordering the grilled cheese with turkey
Unsteady if the turkey with cheese

I’m Working the odd jobs
Taking candy for breakfast
Chew toys for lunch
I’m putting the world
in a soft flour Tortilla shelll

No creams no ointments
It’s so quiet here  without the wires in

Skipping rocks
Jumping buildings
Stretching the fabric
With my bulbous fantastic
Perfect melon shaped buttocks

Let’s stretch the fabric
It doesn’t have to be smoky
Or drug like

We don’t have to remove our makeup
We just have to be willing
To smear a little lipstick

Show Poem: Ready for a rewrite…Sun. May 17 / Lawrence, KS / Replay Lounge #Schwervonpoetry

I’m ready for change
I am ready for drastic measures
I am prepared to drop tons
Split hairs
Empty bottles
I’m ready to pack my own lunch

I’m over  the long division
No more use for the
Positive train control system
I am ready to let go
Tired of clinging to the log
Like a play  performance
running night after night
With the same audience

I am ready to recast
I’m ready to re-past
Ready for a rewrite
A new kind of thing
A new kind of ring

An R ring

Not a ring tone
Not a dog bone.
A new kind of king
A me kind of thing
A new kind of song.
A new kind of sing

Some new Matt art