Monthly Archives: August 2016

Show Poem: August 27, 2016 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge #poetry 

The locust song
A larger Jeff Tweedy 

Pausing for our jockeys
To brush our manes 

Opening our eye slits 

By the hearth we wait
For our urges to instruct
The next move 

Quick trip is laughing at us
Pink drink expands
The rear view mirror 

Rain drops turn to rasins 

Diamonds are jokes
Falling from a truck
We dust them off
And put them in our pockets 

There are many kids
In the sour patch
Looking for good homes 

We pay extra for the head 

No fighting in the car
No sex in the champagne room

Too much chicken
For one day 

No dancing in the car
No money for nothing 

I expected less 

Or nothing less expected

Show Poem: August 20, 2016 KC, MO @ Tronkel House #poetry 

The elephant removes
His foot from my back 

I awake
Legs V shaped ready for the world
Eyes like sparklers underwater 

The ice is extremely then
But I will lose the weight
Required to skate by

I’ve learned a lot
From a fish’s eyes 

Scheduling work
Outside the pain clinic 

Sunshine disposal
A new zoo army 

I hear the dogs barking
At the distant rain 

A condescending smile
Perhaps I need it more than
I care to admit 

Or perhaps I am just
Tickling myself in a mirror 

The feather touches
My knowing under side 

And then it floats away 

Road Work Ahead: A Couple That Plays Together Stays Together

We had a nice chat with local KC-music-tornado: Michelle Bacon about touring for a four part series on 90.9 The Bridge’s website. Click on the link for all the juicy details: