Monthly Archives: August 2016

Show Poem: August 12, 2016 Athens, GA @ Little Kings (Athens Popfest) #poetry 

I turn my head quickly
To limit the impression
Of the dead dog
On the side of the road 

A sick and unknown feeling
Like the LL Bean return policy 

I’m burning up
burning up for your love
And it smells like gym socks
And dusty headboards

Can’t complain
So I just let it soak
Into my dreams
Like a pudding cake
On a hot day 

I saw a straight rainbow on the horizon
Perfect like a leaf 

Laces on, I sweat it out in bed
So many rules to break
Except the cool ones 

The fans run all night
But we are still hot and sticky 

Gotta keep moving ’cause
There’s a hellhound on our trail
It bites us when we stop 

It makes us bite back
Until we devour each other 

And nothing is left but our bones
baking in the sun
Like a bread stick

Show Poem: August 10, 2016 Nashville, TN @ Betty’s Grill #poetry 

Oh humid night
Erect on demand

The stars burn
Like a tattoo needle 

Connecting the stains
On a Casper mattress 

Getting angry
New material 

Fuck it
Fuck you
Trump you 

Shoving more sickness into my mouth
The pill form doesn’t make it healthy 

Forgetting the names
Word bubbles never pop

Steak or buffet
Rosanne Bar is fucking angry 

Our teeth are like clouds
Cutting the air like
formless moving popcorn kernels 

Trees bristle the roadside
Like giant public hairs 

We travel the miles of vigina
To our next stop sign 

Here’s to earning it 

Schwervon! Plays Athens Popfest “Day Show” Fri. Aug. 12 / 3:30pm @ Little Kings