Monthly Archives: September 2017

Show Poem: September 16, 2017 Cincinnati , OH @ Northside Yacht Club #poetry 

Close up pictures of fresh vegetables
Ten minute long guitar solos
Handsome Harley Race

You try to stay in the middle
And you cry just a little
Massage the frequencies
Mix the highs and lows

Charter an exploratory mission
For the perfectly
Temperature controlled environment
Yacht rock at Starbucks
Rock stars at the Yacht Club

Grandpa’s Cheesbarn
Sea salt and vinegar
Old people are sensitive
Being so ugly is no picnic either

So many steak houses.
Have you ever eaten steak and felt good?
The man thing kills us
The romance
The studio trickery
That evil in between period
When we’re both a child and and adult.
Making the slow move
From tonic to seltzer
We cherish the taste buds
As they slowly disappear

Show Poem: September 15, 2017 Youngstown, OH @ Cedars #poetry 

Red dirt hill along the highway
Tired tracks of falling rocks

Is that a raccoon in road
Or just an old glove?
Sausage in the glove box
Turtle on a sweatshirt
We are now entering the fog zone

Trees line the mountain side
Like scattered hairs along an enormous ear

Over sharing Cracker Barrel waitres
Everybody’s tired
Sometimes it feels like
Success would just destroy us

Standing on trial at the food court
Fried green tomato potato chips
Stevie Knicks on the camp fire
I still recall that phone message
From my sister “I, I love her. I love her. I love her. I love her. I love her so much.”

Show Poem: September 14, 2017 Baltimore, MD @ Reverb #poetry 

When we’re young we don’t know
As much about ourselves
We eat lots of bad cake
Take it out on the world

Ice packs on your tongue
Beercan stigmata
Designer flagellation
Perpetual hair shaping

The pain gives us wisdom
Gives us light and candles

Painted yellow sunsets
And eyes unnatural to make up

Your eyes work both ways
The first time I saw them cry
I wanted to run and hide
I wanted to fight with myself
I wanted to to do something

I’ve learn so much from those tears
I learn to feel things
I learn to stop fighting
And most importantly
I learn to love the smile that
Will eventually come, even more.
Because that’s what tears are for.