Monthly Archives: December 2017

Hull @ The New Adelphi 12/03/17 #poetry

The words inside your head
Are not the only ones

Roasted potatoes
The kindness of strangers
The art of listening
Lasagna, lasagna, lasagne

Get on with it!
Get stuck in it!
We are all just gorillas in the mist
Reading the tea bags
Decoding the footprints in the butter

Erratic data streams penetrate the airwaves
A yellow light guides the way
The awareness of sandwiches
Matching erasers and the Magic Words
Ed Sheehan and Little Mix Glory Days
Pink and white and blue
and more pink A world of pink
Soothes, coats and relieves
Never embarrassing

Let’s paint our new lives on old plates
Let’s share a Twirl
Air and chocolate mixing in our mouths
Let’s transport back together
Let’s wake up together

York @ Fulford Arms 12/01/17 #poetry

Sound check, play, eat, sleep
Wash, rinse, repeat
Random news bits filter in

Another day in Dork land
A funny kind of Valentine
The dicks are falling
Like the flags of defeated countries

Working skillfully with
That which is part of everything

Green pepper breath
Broccoli farts
Yorkshire pudding wrap pants

Paisley butterflies
Candy striped pillows
Lavender scented duvet covers
Warm morning conversations
Keep the game clean

And the lights, the lights, the lights.
Just like baby Jesus
They were born to sell.

Tonight let’s tape a croissant
to the moon And dance like our shoes
were made of butter.

Salford @ Eagle Inn 11/30/17 #poetry

I’ll treat you like a poem in progress
To show my appreciation
I’ll treat you like a receptical
For my unwanted artistic endeavors

I’ll show like an elephant
In a thimble
Prepare weeks for my trip
From Kitchen Street to Pantry Lane
Pre pay the reaper
For a window seat in purgatory

Cornish pasta
Scotch tape egg
Welsh Rare Butt

Chicken’s with their heads off
Parking cars .
What a beautiful day to feel stressed
What a beautiful day for sausage
What a beautiful day for Music