Nan’s Recent Road Reflection Recap!


We arrived home from tour last night at 3am crawling through the front door sweaty and wired/tired. Our Maximum Mayflowers tour is over! We ate an entire bag of munchos on the drive from Lawrence to Shawnee.
Saw some lightning on the way home and also a deer. Luckily the deer moved out of the way. That 20 mile stretch of Hwy 10 is COUNTRY. Reminds me of my youth. You don’t want to break down cause no one is around to help you. The black night and zillions of stars and just you on the road.
Maybe it’s going away for a couple weeks and then coming back that makes this place feel more like home. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.
I felt myself exhaling the minute we got in and I slept really well last night. Our bed here is way more comfortable than I remember….the basement…

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