Schwervon! Summer Sun Tour 2012: Charlottesville, Chapel Hill, Asheville

Good food day. Spinach salad for lunch and then blackened Tilapia on a tortilla at the Lucky Otter in Asheville. The Get Down is a cool place,  just the right combination of Old School Holiday Cocktail Lounge and  Roadhouse for us.
Hannah and Gordon's
We stayed with Hannah and Gordon from the band Free Lunch last night. They had this picture in their living room and it gave me Deja Vu for some reason.

Mirror in The Cave (Chapel Hill)
The night before we played The Cave in Chapel Hill. It felt a lot like playing in a cave. The best part was that it was nice and cool, a welcome quality considering the past three days have been in the hundreds. The night before that was our friend Ben’s (The Wigg Report) birthday. To celebrate we bar hopped, via bicycle, around downtown Durham, NC with his wife Rachel. I’m ashamed to admit that it was probably the first time Nan and I had been on bicycles in at least a year. It was a lot of fun and a fantastic way to deal with the awkward position of electing a designated driver.
Nan and Ben
Nan and Ben at the Cave.

The night before we played Charlottesville, VA. We got to spend some time with old NYC friends Diane and Ken. They live in Charlottesville now. We had a nice lunch where I got the best Chile Rellenos I’ve ever had in my life.
Cave Paintings
I forgot to take pictures in Charlottesville so here’s another picture of a wall in The Cave.


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