Mashed Up… Joy Division and Captain and Tennille “Love Will Tear Us Together” (Malcom McLaren Remix)

This morning I was struck with the phrase Love Will Tear Us Together. A sort of title mash up of the Captain and Tennile Song: Love Will Keep Us Together and Joy Division’s: Love Will Tear Us Apart. Well, apparently, I wasn’t the first to have this idea. My friend Gareth has pointed me in the direction of this amazing Remix by Malcom McLaren.

A million years ago I worked in a club that used to host several big name DJ’s.  One night they got Peter Hook (from Joy Division and New Order) to DJ a set.  Being a huge Joy Division/New Order fan, I was beyond excited about hearing what he would play.  He did not let me down.  He opened the show with a mellow, haunting mashup of The Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” and Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”  I was amazing.  At that point, I have never heard anything like that before.  Two bands you would never mix together and the result is very cool.  The songs were mashed up by artistic genius Malcom McLaren and I was so mesmerized by the song that I immediately began the hunt for it EVERYWHERE.  It took me YEARS to find it, but I finally got it the other day. …

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