Schwervon! Plays 2nd Annual Lawrence Field Day Festival – Fri. July 12 @ The Bottleneck

Lawrence Field Day Festival
FDF 2 at Bottleneck (737 New Hampshire)
Thurs Jul 11 / Fri Jul 12 / Sat Jul 13
Lawrence, KS

Open to all ages
$16 for three nights of music
Get your three-day passes now:

Full lineup:

BaioWolf 11:40-End
The Travel Guide 11:00-11:30
Black on Black 10:20-10:50
Man Bear 9:40-10:10
Brain Food 9:00-9:30
Histories 8:40-9:00

Radkey 12:30-End
Bloodbirds 11:35-12:20
Schwervon! 10:55-11:25
Nature Boys 10:15-10:45
Many Moods of Dad 9:35-10:05
JOCKS/Rooftop Vigilantes 8:40-9:25
Going to Hell in a Leather Jacket 8:00-8:30
Bad Kids To The Front 7:20-7:50

Cloud Dog 12:00-End
Y[our] Fri[end] 11:00-11:45
Gentleman Savage 10:20-10:50
Pale Hearts 9:40-10:10
Millions of Boys 9:00-9:30
Monsoon Lazer 8:20-8:50
Scruffy and the Janitors 7:40-8:10
Something and the Whatevers 7:00-7:30

FB Event

Brought to you by:
Astrokitty Comics

Promotional support provided by:
Pyromania Promotions

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