Fall For A Pit II : “M.O.S.H. Pit” Fundraiser

Olive Juice Music

This Saturday, September 28th,  my band Schwervon! is playing a benefit show with Be/Non and Standby Anchors for M.O.S.H. PIT : a Kansas City assistance group that helps raise funds for rescue groups who have pit bulls and pit bull mixes in their care.  If you know anything about Schwervon! you know that we’re pretty big cat people. But before Gummo there was my dog Olive, and even before that Friskie (Beagle/Basset Hound mix) and Nan’s childhood dog: a Great Dane named Shorty. We’re always down for helping out our furry friends, be it feline or K-9. But I wanted to learn a little more about this M.O.S.H. PIT thing. So, I asked its creator PJ Ruth some questions:

– What is M.O.S.H. Pit and how did it come to fruition?

PJR: MOSH Pit stands for: Money for Organizations Saving Helpless Pits. I came up with the idea one year…

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