Major Matt Mason USA: Show Poem from 01/08/14 @ Davey’s Uptown (KCMO)

Olive Juice Music

I wouldn’t say that I’m a party animal but I like parties. Especially at people’s houses. I don’t mean those kids birthday parties with the parents. I’m talking about the unsupervised kind where people just hang and get loose. My first real party was a 7th grade school play cast party. I remember playing a game with a group of girls in the basement that involved some kind of synchronized hand gestures accompanied with high kicks and some sort of cheer leading type chant. I don’t recall much about it aside from the word “Bananas” being used. Anway, I was the life of the party due to the sole fact that this wasn’t an activity that girls typically did with boys. And the fact that I had crossed over from this mystically defined gender roll I was getting a great deal of attention, which was exactly what I need…

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