Show Poem: 1/25/14 @ Czar Bar (KC, MO)

Thanks to Teach Me Equals, Josh Johnson.
UntitledKeep your devils on a short, short leash. Wake up every morning and stroke their soft fine hair. Stare into their beady red eyes and love, love love them. Keep your devils on a short, short leash. Make them eggs and toast. Brew their coffee strong and hot. Make a smiley face with the bacon and cover it all with the best maple syrup you can find. Don’t skimp with that corn syrup Aunt Jamima bull shit. Feed them the purest, most sweetest, Canadian tree blood you can find because you want your devils happy. You want your devils strong. You want your devils close.

So, when you step foot out of your mansion to begin another day of pounding crosses into the ground for all the little unborn children. Take a second and think about all of the ones that are alive and who’s innocent little heads are being pounded by the angry fists of sad and self loathing parents. Think of all the years, all of the childhoods wasted, for being the human receptacles fear and resentment and hate.

Put down your hammer. Put down your cross. Reign in your devils. Bend down and listen to their cries. They will tell you that life is for the living. They will tell you that our arms and legs are for hugging and dancing and loving…and building bridges, not crosses.

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