Show Poem: 3-13-14 @ Hill Country Weavers (Austin, TX w/ R.Ring)


picture courtesy of R.Ring

Remember when the stars were free of war?
When they surrounded you like a swarm of friendly glowing sea turtles.
With soft round heads.
They innocently flickered to give your jagged mind a place to play and to surf.
Remember when space was just about the moon and it’s stages of silent reflection.
Perfect at being.
On stages,
In all stages.
Never lacking.
Before men got to it with their technology and war and cinema.
They are still there.
As long as night is still.  And still there.
It’s all still there. Waiting for you
The years of sobriety.
The days of no hunger.
Like the water at the bottom of a deep deep well.
Like the fat in a camel’s hump.
Or air.
Life is always there for you.
Just breathe.

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