Show Poem: Fri. May 2 @ Midwestern Musical Company “First Friday” (KC, MO)

See more pics at the KCLiveMusicBlog

Thank God it’s Friday.
My I don’t have to lie day.
My we’re all gonna die day.
So lets all get high day.

Welcome to the outside world.
So glad you could make it.
So glad you are here.
Welcome to your city.
Welcome to your life.
Welcome to Friday.
Enjoy! Goddammit!
Enjoy what you have.
Painstakingly  preserved like the painstakingly constructed models of the painstakingly preserved organs of the painstakingly buried remains of the always and forever pains taking King Of Pain. Painstakingly on display now at our very own painstakingly preserved  home in the heart of the often taking and paining city, state, country.
Welcome and thank you pain takers of Kansas City.
It’s been a long hard road. But you made it!
it’s Friday.
Welcome to the first Friday of the rest of your life.
To the end of the weak.
And the end of the weakness.
Welcome to a world of constant flux.
We all have tickets to ride.
It’s flux or be fluxed.
We are all part of it.
We all have parts to play.
We are all slaves to love.
We all have hearts and hearts to mend and to break.
So let sing and dance and work through the pain.
It’s Friday.
And everything is better Fried.

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