Show Poem: 5/31/14 @ The Union of Westport (KC, MO)


Photo by Rachel Sky

Hot Suburban Summer
Drink cheap beer on the back porch
And when we get nice and loose we’ll make love on a plastic piece of lawn furniture.
Then we’ll wait for the rabbits to come
And we’ll watch them
But they don’t care
Just like we didn’t
Well maybe we cared a little.
But we just couldn’t help ourselves.
It’s that kind of a summer
Some might call it a crazy summer
But we know better
Nothing crazy about it
Just some healthy hot blooded suburban summertime activity
We’re not talkin’ some:  I don’t care if I die young bullshit
That’s crazy
I don’t wanna die young.
I wanna live long and slow and hot
Just like this sweet, sweet, sweet hot suburban summer
But still
It does something to you
That cold beer in your mouth
It goes straight to your head
It can make you do things

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