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Show Poem: I’m taking A vacation from knowledge…Sat. May 25 / KC, MO / The Brick #Schwervonpoetry

I’m taking
A vacation from knowledge
I’m laughing at my own jokes
Sleeping by the fire
Dropping the bear bags
And napping before the show

Ordering the grilled cheese with turkey
Unsteady if the turkey with cheese

I’m Working the odd jobs
Taking candy for breakfast
Chew toys for lunch
I’m putting the world
in a soft flour Tortilla shelll

No creams no ointments
It’s so quiet here  without the wires in

Skipping rocks
Jumping buildings
Stretching the fabric
With my bulbous fantastic
Perfect melon shaped buttocks

Let’s stretch the fabric
It doesn’t have to be smoky
Or drug like

We don’t have to remove our makeup
We just have to be willing
To smear a little lipstick

Don’t Waste Your Love…Friday Sept. 20, 2014, Lawrence, KS #SchwervonPoetry


Don’t waste your love
Give it to me
Let’s rub it all over our backsides
Like lye soap
Let’s flavor it with lavender
And mint
Let’s find love in the most peculiar places
The skin if a humming birds beak
The soft snore of a woman
Heavy metal makeup
Live music
And pictures of arms
And elbows
And feet
Sometimes starting is the hardest part
Fear is a monster with bottomless
Like a mouth full of cotton candy he will devour lives
And toss the empty bag on the sidewalk
Ich esse eine Apfel.
Ich esse eine Orange.
Ich esse ein Lieben.
Das ist gut!
Eat your Life
Eat it every day.
Devour it like a termite.
Like a starving person at an all u can eat buffet.
Not just a like starving ’cause you haven’t eaten since breakfast kind of starving.
A starving for life.
A Hungar for life. Like you need it every day, like air to live.
Eat it. Just eat it.

(This poem was originally recited at the I Heart Local Music Showcase at The Replay Lounge on September 20, 2014 in Lawrence, KS)

Looking at a butterfly to show us how to get lost… #SchwervonPoetry #SchwervonLive

(Thanks for the video Brenton)

A butterfly doesn’t ask permission to open up her wings.
And a butterfly never loses it
until the very end.
There is alway something to discover there.
Here, we find something to lose.
If power is knowing where you’re going
Then arriving to your destination is getting lost again.

I’m not talking about abuse.
Abuse is stale.
It happens.
Abuse is a camera at a traffic light.

There is always a reward for forgiveness.
There are donuts in the morning.
There is light through a broken window.
Your children will love you if you love them and help them.
There will always be pain.
We do not fear pain.
We are learning every day, every second, and that is the best way to live.
That is the life.

I am a butterfly walking
And your words help me to get on.
I know these things that no one else can know.
I see these things that no one else can see.
It’s all a just tools for healing and helping
And healing
and helping some more.

Friday Aug. 22 (KC, MO) @ RecordBar