Learn to talk to old people… Thursday Oct. 9, 2014 / Indianapolis, IN #SchwervonPoetry

Colts donutI’m not saying that we have to love the corpses of our loved ones
the way we loved them when they were alive

All that  I’m saying is corpses do exist.
And, some day, we will all be one.

But, until that time, perhaps spending a bit more time in their presence
might help us to cut down on the amount we are directly or indirectly responsible for creating.

And then look at some more trees.
Rest in some more grass.
Watch more TV.
Do it well. With a good feeling.
like a loon skating across a frozen lake.
Like a really good athlete.

And another thing.
It’s really important to learn to talk to old people.
Things are harder for them in ways you don’t even think about

Failing eyesight
Slowing metabolism
Sore muscles
Random dizziness

It’s scary.
Comfort them.

(This poem was originally recited at Vibes Music Store on October 9, 2014 in Indianapolis)

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