Last night I dreamed I was a spy… Thursday, Oct. 23 2014 / Perth, UK #SchwervonPoetry

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I see your reflection
On the bottom of a cloud
The moment I let go
Stopped being so precious
Was the moment everything
Became valuable

When someone is screaming at you
They are probably scared as Hell

Remember love
is not always on time
And yet there’s never
a bad time for love

The rocks beneath
The train tracks
Are black and moist
They are coated
With the refuse of futurism

Last night I dreamed
I was a spy
And I had to lie to everyone
I loved to save the world

One more Hob Nob
Before I go
One more hot chocolate
One more peppermint camomile ginger tea before I go
To the valley below

Stop putting yourself down
Start picking yourself up
Start decking the halls
Putting things on
Stop acting like you don’t care
Stop comparing the world to
your room bedroom
Stop apologizing

Stop making fun of things that scare you
Fuck the things that scare you
I don’t mean forget the things that
Scare you
I mean make love
to the things that scare you
Nurture them
Bathe them
Tie their shoes
And then send them off
To school
They will disappear there
I promise you

(This poem was originally recited at The Green Room on October 23, 2014 in Perth, Scotland)

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