The handcuffs of courteous behavior… Friday, October 25, 2014 / Salford, UK #SchwervonPoetry

Good friend on a green couch
Tell me about your first time
Let’s talk about how we’ve soiled
Our lives
Let’s discuss the processes
Or laundry
The delicate cycles
The virtues of hand washing
And a good hot iron

The handcuffs of courteous behavior
The burden of fruitlessness
The freedom of the priesthood

Repetition, repetition, repetition
Pound world
Pound world
Pound world

If I remind you of someone
Who hurt you
that could hurt
I know
If I remind you of someone
Who loved you
That could hurt you even more

I don’t need colored lights
To know which way the wind blows

I need warmth
I need sweetness
It’s need a mouth full of earth
It’s not something you just
Cram in or
Spit out.
It’s all around
It’s inside.

A mouth that swallows a Mountian
A horse that always knows
The way home

(This poem was originally recited at First Chop Brewing Arm on October 25, 2014 in Salford, UK)

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