Car monkey sandwich hats…Thursday / November 6, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Let’s hear it for the students 
The future is theirs 
The past is their’s 
They walk in green fields
They step on dogs 
And squeeze their shits out
They walk through it 

Let’s here it for the nut jobs
The present is theirs 
Never letting go 
Of the child inside
The happy sadness
The neck microphones
The plants and the hair

Lightening hits you in the face
It leaves a mark
I wake and kiss your teeth

Last night I dreamed
Everyone I spoke to 
Was trying to get me
To say the word: “Why?”
 I didn’t get it. 
I left feeling confused and embarrassed 

Wilst du tanzen? 
Warum nicht?

Take a look in the bathroom mirror. 
Will today be the last shave? 

It’s not hard to see why
People once thought
The clouds were heaven. 
It’s not hard to see the power 
In bears. 
But a duck is an extraordinary 
Car monkey sandwich hats
Pillow socks with electric smiles 
Trees tha cry 
and the rocks who love them

All the impossible things 
we can imagine. 
Just before breakfast 

It’s beautiful 
You are beautiful.

(This poem was originally recited on November 6, 2014 at Antje Øeklesund in Berlin, Germany)

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