When you are flying  Like a bird… Saturday / November 8, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

When you are flying 
Like a bird
There is a chance 
You will shit on people
But it’s no reason not to try

Sometimes you wake up in a cold room
Sometimes you just have to 
Wear that shit around for a day

Playing soccer with a dog
Leipzig skyline
You are apeaking
In broken English
But what you say fixes
Something inside me

It’s always time
Time fixes everything 

Danke für alles!
Alles gut. 
Alles klar
Herr Kommissar!

Taxes for the poor. 
And Texas for the rich. 

People talking, talking, talking
Like a room full of bubbles
Plop plop pop pop pop
Everyone is pop and plopping
Everyone is popping. 

I hear the bottles in the distance. 
The glasses being cleaned 
Glasses being used again
The glass in glasses
Being used for glasses

The glasses thinking at the bar
They are the only music 
Some people will dance to. 

We turn it up. 
We we break things. 
We sweep up the broken glass
The circus of life continues. 

Always. We can’t turn it off. 
So we must learn to love it
We must unlearn 
That it was ever supposed to 
Be anything less than

(This poem was originally recited on November 8, 2014 at W1 in Regensburg, Germany)

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