Bad DJ’s and good tequila…Sunday / November 16, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Bad DJ’s and good tequila 
A government
that most people
Never voted for 

Pornographic novelty
Tits and tatoos 
Ironic sexism 

Smoke driven Saturdays
World famous bartenders

Vanilla candles 
And garlic toast
Dried tomatoes 
Supersized bottles of wine
Punk rock iPad 
Industries of pleasure 
No no no 

It’s not all bad
It’s just some bad 
A different kind of poetey
A life with no back echo 
Steps without resonence 

I do not wish to wake 
Each morning 
In front of a mirror. 

I prefer to see more in looking
I don’t always need lights
And amplification 

These are the tools 
And love 
But they are not love 
Love is love 
It’s always this way
And always will be 

Love is a house of warmth

(This poem was originally recited on November 16, at The Loft in Mulhouse, France)

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