Stop chasing yourself…Thursday / November 20, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Go to bed mad
Wake up happy
Stop remembering 
Stop blaming others 
For your sadness
Eat more fruit

Stop chasing yourself 
Stop trying to kill all the flies 
They are there for a reason 
The flies are not bullets
They feed the birds. 

Every day is a new day. 
Hamburgers happen
The yellow truck fucks the green truck 

This one gets another toy
This one learns a new language

Ich esse obst. 
Du isst gemuse. 
Let’s meet on the toilet 
And see how things turn out. 

Love inspires 
Fear destroys 
It has to be hard sometimes. 

Leaves fall 
They grow back. 
And fall and grow back 
Over and over. 
It’s never totally over. 

We’ve broken the seal 
And now we lay along the shore
Waiting for a morning
That barely makes sense
A ring on your toe
Whiskey in a wine glass 

I’m leaving 
I don’t know why
There’s sun in my coffe cup
Gold on my plate 
Breaking rocks together
Is the music 
That keeps us 

Never learning some things 
Is the lesson 
Never learning 
Until it’s time 
For the leaves to fall again
And again
And again
The leaves are green 
And red and brown 
The leaves are beautiful

(This poem was originally recited on November 20, at Astra Stube in Hamburg, Germany)

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