No time to tumble  No time to fall…Friday / November 28, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry


From a distance 
A thin layer of paint
Keeps a fantastic 
Tradition alive 
The private stalls 
That still allow 
Private business 
The bliss of stink
And judgeless release

Velcro eyebrows 
Under aged  
The art of the paint 
The pointless canvas 

Beatles moving 
slowly across 
The mountain side 
The pressure in rocks 
The faked profundity 

Pies pies pies
Jack and Jill go up 
And up and up and up 
No time to tumble 
No time to fall 
Up up up
Maybe the odd public spat
At the train station 
But that’s it 
At this point you go down 
You could seriously hurt something
Beak a hip 
Some bullshit like that
No health insurance 
Who’s got time for that
It’s all uphill from here kid. 
Let’s learn to love it

(This poem was originally recited on November 28, at Glasgow Art School in Glasgow, Scotland)

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