Trying to live our days like  Warm cups of light… Wednesday / December 10, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

I hardly know her 

Places to see 
Places to see 

Faces and names to smear 
And forget and remember 
And love 

Jackson Pollock Pancake
A wood burning electric 
Solar gas lamp

Walt Whitman frittata 
The spears of life
Pass through us
Like cigar shaped highway signs 

Sweet and sour sugar

Stop talking so fast 
Stop thinking so fast 
Stop reacting so fast 
It’s not going to get you 
The job any faster 

Sad plants in the window 
The wizard of Chinese chicken
Is there a star for every 
Grain of rice 

Is there a word 
For every step?
A letter for every breath?

Stop talking so much
No one is judging 
Mor than anyone else

Liquid silver 
flowing from every 

Pressure is just a jar
A hat on the table 
A fantasy with eyes
Eyes making love with you 

Trying to live our days like 
Warm cups of light 

One green bean at a time
Weirdo after weirdo 
After wired tired 
tire iron 
iron on 
These Pants don’t quit

Living doll
Are we
On a bed of macaroons?
Drowning in life sauce

We never fucking die 
We live in jelly 
The wind is 
Just our wings flapping 
Blowing our hair dry 
Each new morning

(This poem was originally recited on December, 10 at Gabe’s in Iowa City, IA)

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