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Saturday, January 10th @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence, KS) w/ Josh Berwanger Band + Something and the Whatevers


A brunch for Armageddon… Friday / January 9, 2015 #SchwervonPoetry


photo by Jason Buice

We have done a great
Disservice to ourselves

We have listened to
our parents

studied the moves
In great detail

Conditioned our condition

We have punctured tires
Arranged our supplies
Plated our red wheel barrows

We smeared
The colors
Like soft cheese

Sweaters for the macaroni
ForksĀ in our eyes
Anger feeding gallons and gallons

A little confession
Can go such a long way

Living cliches
Ignoring sashays
Let’s mix our yolks
Make use of these
Cracked shells
A brunch for Armageddon
Ketchup bleeding heart.
Gay Boy Scouts
Grandmothers in drag
Family dinners together

A future to believe in.
We can make it happen
Very easily sometimes
Poof, celebrate

(This poem was originally recited on January 9, 2015 at Mills Record Company in Kansas City, MO)

Feature interview in the KC Pitch Weekly

photo by ZACH BAUMAN

Schwervon’s Matt Roth and Nan Turner consider their creative future.

We had a nice conversation with Natalie Gallagher from Pitch Magazine in our kitchen last week. Check it out here.