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Show Poem: August 2, 2017 KC, MO @ Records With Merritt w/ Moe A. Barria + When Particles Collide #poetry 

I am lucky
Lies are are not easy
For you

For me they are a sweet static
That sings me to sleep

The traffic noise
And words of paternal love
I can never confirm

The language of animals
Is full of deceit
You are my beautiful
True human
Tear filled eyes, shaking and
Screaming at the evolution

Tell me not to worship that.
Tell me to stop stabbing
Myself with television.
They give me thumbs when
I need water.

I grow antlers in your presence.
I grow and grow,
And that’s how I know.

Show Poem: June 22, 2017 KC, MO @ The Brick w/ Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts + Chico Sierra #poetry 

Cottonwoods buldge
In summer heat

The fluids in my balls bubble
Like a witches brew

Why can't you just be happy
For me,
Way can't you see what I see?

Just pick a time.
If I'm not free I will pick another time
And if your not free then
You will pick another time
And if I'm not free at that time
I will pick another time…
Things may get frustrating
There might be surprises
There may be anger
Thee may be fear
But as long as we both agree
There is a time for us…

Birds will fly through the clouds
Like rockstars on dry ice.

No jockeying for position.
No yellow lines appear.

Show Poem: September 03, 2016 KC, MO @ The Brick #poetry 

photo by Rachel Sky

There’s something going on
Inspired by deception

The self importance
Rings throughout the coffee shop
Like a lonely poet with a notebook

We’ve come so far

The pride of the VIP
Hawaiian shirts
Blind beagles
Iced lattes
Muffin with a fork

No living thing is a sticky bun

A punching bag is not a release
It’s a thick leather bag
Full of sand
That people punch

Until women and men cease to exist
The plastic in the ocean will continue

Until we each find our own name
And learn to masturbate to cartoons

Cuddle pups are not trucks
Stuffed kittens and monkey paws

All is made beautiful in your face
Like Rock and roll
I stop questioning
I step back
I notice a whole world
For me to listen to
And come alive