Show Poem: KC, MO East Wing 4/29/16 

Tit to the gut
Making love
On a squeaky mattress 

Eggs from a rubber chicken
Protection from the process 

Shitty day after two good days 

There are many things to step in
Many pitfalls when crossing the road 

Laundry is easy, people are hard 

There are cracks and judgement
Differing opinions
Various styles and hair cuts
Often different than your own 

Even the basement is not safe

Crack research teams
Shitting where they eat 

Eaves dropping on their friends
Jotting down notes about
Watering holes and mating habit 

And we trust them all because they
Listen to us
They talk to our pets
Nod at our confessions
About where we store our gold
And how we stack the deck
Against ourselves
So the next morning
We awake the king and queen
Of the losers
And the lonesome
And the living
Of life
filled by failure

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