Show Poem: May 2, 2016 / Lawrence, KS  @ The Bottleneck 

Head open up like a clam
A huge beam of light
coming out the top

Sick pigeon on the loading dock.
I want to help
but I fear disease 

I stop blaming nature
For cruelty 

I stand still
Watch real close 

I feel the flock mourning 

The flock is patient
When it’s safe 

Living from one peck on the head
To the next 

Life by a thousands pebbles in the gut 

Surviving between mating calls
Prolonging the dance 

Mother mountain climber
Lordess of the dance class

The crunch of breakfast
Is the tap of your toe 

The pack devours you
Insert the message 

Bring us food
Bring us food 

Empanada sentences
The truth inside words 

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