Show Poem: Friday, May 13 / KC, MO @ Holy Cow

We all question our sanity
We all answer differently
Depending on the morning birds

How low can you whistle
How high can you fly
Before the day comes to an end

Stained coffee cup
Turtle in the road
Bring it back, bring it back
Never is the asylum
For all the broken record breakers

The hurt foot fakers
And leaf rakers
Glamorous rockers
The hurt lockers

Just one more apology
Will that really fix it all
Just a bit more pampering

I hear birds chirping
All hours of the day and night
Broken freezers
Old mattress in
Empty lit rooms all across America

They look for the discomfort
Embrace it like a stuffed animal

They live long beautifully painful lives
I salute them all with every
Swing of my ax

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