Monthly Archives: May 2016

Show Poem: Friday, May 13 / KC, MO @ Holy Cow

We all question our sanity
We all answer differently
Depending on the morning birds

How low can you whistle
How high can you fly
Before the day comes to an end

Stained coffee cup
Turtle in the road
Bring it back, bring it back
Never is the asylum
For all the broken record breakers

The hurt foot fakers
And leaf rakers
Glamorous rockers
The hurt lockers

Just one more apology
Will that really fix it all
Just a bit more pampering

I hear birds chirping
All hours of the day and night
Broken freezers
Old mattress in
Empty lit rooms all across America

They look for the discomfort
Embrace it like a stuffed animal

They live long beautifully painful lives
I salute them all with every
Swing of my ax

Show Poem: May 7, 2016 / Omaha, NE @ Milk RunĀ 

Electric eyebrows
Waking up your face

Warm Nebraska morning
I detect no poison in the air 

There is only sky
Soft clouds and maccaroni
And cheese

The best inhale ever tasted

Passionate conversation
Amongst students
Good coffee, early Radiohead

Yellow Magic
I don’t want to know your secret
Nothing profound
Nothing dark
A hazy day of bird watching
Hot dog grilling in the mist
The crack and ting junior league
baseball bats
Dandelions in the park
They cover the hills with temporary stems

The weeds come just like the grass
People try and then they stop trying 

We color the fabrics with blue and gold
One day it’s wheat
One day it’s corn
We learn to stomach the milk
Of other animals. 

We try not to scare anyone in the parking lot
It’s beautiful how we try 

It’s beautiful how we keep
Living, Together
Sacred of so much 

Every raccoon family knows
We move the family at night
We keep our eyes on the headlights 

We watch the snakes making love
Under the porch

Even love exists beneath the belly of the snake 

Show Poem: May 6, 2016/ Lincoln, NE @ SP CE Commons

Up early looking at pictures
Of people I do not know

A night of sleepless sleep

Where does the water go
Who turns the wrench
That breaks the hydrant flow

Let it run through you 

Eagle in the trees
Straight horizon
Flat roads, flat bushes, flat balls

The rabbits collide with butter mountain 

The competition of love
Accelerating through the curves 

Listening for the lines to uncross
Un tangling talking points 

The healing grass out
It bends the wind
one million different ways. 

Irrigation pools
Hug the road 

Birthing the good life
Dancing in the after birth
And the birth after