Show Poem: July 22, 2016 KC, MO @ Riot Room #poetry 

photo by Jason Buice

I had a dream about putting out fires
I saved many ghosts
With the flick of a wrist 

I feel the fire inside of you
And it looks like it’s hurting 

I want to smother it with water
But I’m learning to let it
Run its course 

I’m always waiting 

For the pizza to cook
For the blood to come back
For the dog to finish her business

The lessons of dog shit
We must continue to learn
My skin is not without scars
Things creep in
There are many secret loves

The judgement is like soup and crackers 

Not everyone can understand
The life of a traveler
Like a virus
It’s in the blood
The belly of the mosquito 

There’s nothing like home
But it’s never the same place 

Time is not the currency
Weight is not the change
Contrary to many attempts
Heavy feelings will not tip the scales 

We can hold each other up
With a look or
A secret handshake 

But we when we feel a brother or a sister
We know when to pause
And when to speak 

We live without the questions
We move like hot wax

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