Show Poem: July 29, 2016 KC, MO @ Davey’s Uptown #poetry 

photo by Wick

photo by Wick

Looking up and letting go
Translating the messages
Within the ceiling stains

Buttons and knobs and switches
Touches and swipes and clicks
Opposable puns

War at the breakfast table
Conquering with toast points
Explosions of cheese and eggs

An artists lunch flying chicken schwarma
On a baklava canvas of fila dough
Your paint brush dipped in honey

Sweating over our stew
We fail at dinner
No amount of free napkins
Will clean up this spill

Clear eyed and up to the challenge
We cast our votes for television

Screaming for more sensitivity
Crying for more strength
Meeting needs with needs

There is no end to this dead end

We’ll break from breaking bread
Sift through the apple sauce
And see what comes up tomorrow

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