Show Poem: October 20, 2016 Richmond, VA @ Bijou Film Center #poetry 

I awake to cat eating
Spear through the daily deletions
The goal is not to show up for work
On time

Cream cheese frosting
Stomach ache
Slow creeping beatles on the vine
I give them each a name

Captain Billy’s seafood restaurant
Jack Jacob Jacobe
Blind willie I hate my life
Anxiety relationship the third

Gettting out of the inside job
Wading through waist high grass

The flashing light shows you
Where the camera is

Grooves & uneven lanes
Celebrate the car sickness season

Water crossings and sun sitting
Horny’s restaurant: where friends meet

Nasty women wine country
Bitches brew and Trump steaks

I am a recepticle for the golden liquid light
Projections of a bad drunken movie
Flow over me
It never gets old when it’s already old
My toes are where it starts
Now I am up to my knees in you

When I’m spilling out my boots
When I get the lighting wrong
When I cut in front of you at the subway
When I confuse the subway train
With the subway sandwich shop

Art is on the door and
The door is now a table

No, no, no, no. I’m not saying it’s over
I’m just saying that it’s hard sometimes

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