Monthly Archives: October 2016

Show Poem: October 20, 2016 Richmond, VA @ Bijou Film Center #poetry 

I awake to cat eating
Spear through the daily deletions
The goal is not to show up for work
On time

Cream cheese frosting
Stomach ache
Slow creeping beatles on the vine
I give them each a name

Captain Billy’s seafood restaurant
Jack Jacob Jacobe
Blind willie I hate my life
Anxiety relationship the third

Gettting out of the inside job
Wading through waist high grass

The flashing light shows you
Where the camera is

Grooves & uneven lanes
Celebrate the car sickness season

Water crossings and sun sitting
Horny’s restaurant: where friends meet

Nasty women wine country
Bitches brew and Trump steaks

I am a recepticle for the golden liquid light
Projections of a bad drunken movie
Flow over me
It never gets old when it’s already old
My toes are where it starts
Now I am up to my knees in you

When I’m spilling out my boots
When I get the lighting wrong
When I cut in front of you at the subway
When I confuse the subway train
With the subway sandwich shop

Art is on the door and
The door is now a table

No, no, no, no. I’m not saying it’s over
I’m just saying that it’s hard sometimes

Show Poem: October 19, 2016 Baltimore, MD @ Windup Space #poetry 

I will always be here
Like or dark
Extra crispy or original recipe

Car pool bridge and tunnel syndrome
Channel number one, two, three, four
The sounds of a drill next door
Battery acid and breathing trailers
Servicing all makes and models
Redirecting car stress
Into pointless scolding

The blue sky is always there
Like a table cloth on Thanksgiving
I’m sorry we don’t serve angels here
Only fallen stars and cameleons
With good attitudes
The hash is runny and the eggs are hard
But the company is second to none

The thick air is what we all come here for
It doesn’t translate over YouTube

Moths are free but butterflies are expensive
No one thought to build a better rainbow

We drive straight into the sun for hours
It never gets worse
Until things get bent
And somehow get better

Show Poem: October 17, 2016 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium  #poetry 

Mysterious bones in the hallway

Waking up to an ET
Dancing on my chest
Healthy smells and sounds
Grinding metal
Slapping hamsteaks
Good morning City
I miss you like a dirty knee

Picking pieces of you
Out of my hair
Burping up last nights real salad

After 46 years I finally learned
The proper way to roll up my sleeves

Minimal food wastage
Maximum network potential

The last place for people to gather
Leaves and dog droppings
So much beauty to be found
All the squirrels are shutting down.

The longer I’m away
The more familiar things are
Sardines on a cracker
Joe Strummer on a wall

We sit and watch the beautiful people
Catching air

People are more beautiful
Amongst people

We are beautiful because we are not
Dogs are beautiful but not like
You people are beautiful people
Like people
I love that