Show Poem: May 19, 2017 KC, MO @ The Brick w/ Andrew Ashby + Emaline Twist #poetry 

What we see in parts
2 for one quiche

The the advertisement is a poem
The poem is an advertisement

Concrete floors
Archive the history of construction
Walls unfinished yet open for business

The coffee cups are stiff
Wrapped in thicker brown paper

Will this place survive human time
Will it make its mark in the space

You can use a door for a table
Watch a girl appear
Right where another one was standing

We self fossilize for reasons.
They disappear like rain clouds
Chasing our tails in the dark
The sound of hooves on a blackboard

We learn on the dance floor
Leaning into the moments
Like cats in the sun patches.
Hot cats in the yard

The show started
The second you entered the room.

I hear bells
The food must be ready

I hear bells
The dog must be barking

Bells, bells for everyone
Ringing two times
For every human soul

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