Show Poem: July 10, 2017 KC, MO @ Mills Records w/ Bookmobile #poetry 

The dog patiently waits
Outside the door
While I meditate
In a world that on occasion
Forces people to make the decision
To jump from burning buildings

Fighting the shadow
Of over grown lawns,
The sideways glances of
Distant neighbors

Screens burn my eyes
But reward me by completing
My thoughts
And what not?
     …white not?
        …why not? I mean.

How things change.

If the cortisone flowing through my joints
Gives me one more day in the park
Walking the dog and listening
To thoughtfully recorded music
Then I will fight the urge to
Unsubscribe from that
Frustrated, utopian, email list.

Anger is an energy. 

The day that you said you
We’re tired of being funny
Was the first day
You actually were
Funny, I mean.  

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