Show Poem: August 26, 2017 KC, MO @ Californos w/ Abandoned Bells + Folkicide Duo #poetry 

I want to take you to a place
Where I can speak only of my self
With no guilt and no fear

Where all the voices
Have no more weight than
The padded paws of squirrels in the woods

We could dance or make music
With no care of trees falling

The sky is just a backdrop
It is not watching us
It is not keeping us in
It filters out the poisonous

I don’t want to be lumped in
With all the rest
There is no limit to my needs

I can overflow with love
We live in the shade of trees
The sound of ocean waves
Can calm our spotty minds

We function under storm clouds
And future splintered trunks
Crashing into houses

This is where choose to live
This is living for us

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